Astrojax to practice 5a

So yes this is about another skill toy and could go into that section but Im asking in relation to yoyos. so…

Anyone ever thought of using these to practice concepts of 5a? I guess you could us a dead yoyo, I’m just curious. I think I’m gonna pick up a set to mess around with.

Not completely. I mean, part of 5A does still involve technical tricks and landing a spinning yoyo onto the string. So, from that portion of 5A play, no, AstroJax won’t help you. However, from the standpoint of keeping track of and control over 2 spinning objects, yes, by all means, the Astrojax will be helpful. The middle one, since I think it slides, will help you with “shortening/lengthening” issues as well, which also applies to 5A.

They aren’t terribly expensive and available at my local Toys R Us. I am contemplating getting a set just to round out the skill toy selection.

That’s pretty much what i was thinking. Its not nearly the same and I have most of the basics of 5a down. They look like they could be fun to mess with too though. like you said kinda round out the skill toy thing.

Chris’ point aside, I think AstroJax would be more for practicing sliding counterweight anyway. Unfortunately the style seems to have grown unpopular just due to the lack of tricks that can be done with it.

Maybe you could come up with some new sliding counterweight tricks to reignite the style? :slight_smile:

Very true. Haven’t seen much sliding counterweight for a few years.

As little as I know with 5A, I think probably the only trick I could benefit practicing with is Butterfly. But since I don’t have or do Astrojacks, I may as well just practice with the real thing.

I am curious to try adding a sliding counterweight and see what I could(n’t) do.

Being a 5A thrower, and an astrojax’er, I can say that my 5A practice has transferd to astrojax, but not the other way around. Just enough differnt that it doesn’t really work out for practicing. Using the yoyo dead, with the counterweight is a better way to practice those kind of tricks.
I like astrojax a lot so don’t let that discourge you from playing them, it could possibly help I supose.

Great I was looking for someone that does both and has some good input.I will get some jax eventually to mess around with but it sounds like for 5a there is no comparison to the real thing.