Nice stuff, you should get into some Double Dice 5A

it is something called astrojax it is a skill toy. they may look simple but i put effort into it. it is not a yoyo

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There ya go, kids. Expand your horizons a bit.

Well I havn’t seen much of astrojax, but you look pretty good. I think if you made your tricks look a bit ‘cleaner’, then all of these yoyoers would stop hatin’. By cleaner I mean, a bit clearer. It should be a little easier to discern what you are doing. You video camera might be half to blame for that though. Anyway, nice job.

Looks kinda cool, not my cup of tea but still I can see youve put some time into it

Once in a great while I do agree with Jayyo on something and this is certianly one of those times. Just the plain hate and ignorance is shocking to me really.

Astrojax are alot harder than 5a let me tell you, I have dabbled in it and it is not easy. To those of you who think that it is just a dead yoyo type deal just remember the way you feel when somebody remarks that, “oh well it’s just a yoyo, a kids toy”. Sucks dosen’t it, well then why are you doing the same to this guy? Seriously show some decency and respect for other skill toys. Pick some up and try it for yourself if you really want a wake up call.

To the OP of the video, seriously nice job, I enjoyed the performance, you are alot better than me and it is refreshing to see some jaxing going on in the yoyo community as well. Also I have to thank Jayyo for his yoyo video that had some astrojax in it a while back, that is what got me interested in it and it is serioulsy fun, but really really hard. And again OP, seriously good video.

You might want to consider using FREE music so that EMI doesn’t block it in my country.

Looks neat. How many balls are on the string? Its moving so fast I cant tell… :wink:

This is why people don’t share. He shares something he’s worked on, proud of, and then people respond disrespectfully. I don’t always understand the time, energy, dedication, or reasons people do what they do. However, I understand that it has value to them and I hope to never disrespect that.

I think he would love to hear constructive criticism because it’s obvious, he loves it.

It is possible, to have a different opinion without being disrespectful. To bad people didn’t ask some questions, open their minds, try it, then make a decision. Why do we hate everything that’s new or different? Hate is nothing but self impossed limits we shackle ourselves with, it limits us more than anyone else ever could.

This attitude permeates society and it’s sad.


I personally know this guy and he has supported me in yoyoing since I first started. Each time I ask him to see my new trick he agrees to without an argument. If he wanted to, he could bash yoyoing. I mean, astrojax came out before 5a. Please guys, let’s think about our actions before we perform them. It will keep this forum looking a lot cleaner and friendlier. If you hate any other skill toy we don’t need you here.

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