Asking about my yoyo ball bearing and the binding move!!

:-\ well… i am a novice in the yo-yoing , and i recently buy a yoyofactory one, i change the bearing for the second one, and it doesnt return with the binding move, even if a use it twice…
i dont not what to do, can someone help me whit this???..

I’m a few days from starting to work on binding. I’m a novice as well, and I have a ONE and Dark Magic II. I’m leaving the ONE set for basic stuff, and the DM2 will be my main yoyo.

Can you do a bind return using something else?

My suggestion:

Make sure you are pulling enough string into the gap, and that you pull it hard enough into the gap. If you don’t use enough string the string can’t snag and the yoyo won’t come back. (I had a problem with pulling the string hard enough into the gap when I was first starting.) Over time you will get a feel for it.

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Many novices tend to drop the loop and hope the yoyo will come back the first couple of weeks into practing binds. This not correct. Try to get the feel of the whole loop just going into the gap of the yoyo without “falling apart”. This should be some help. And also, the way you should bind the yoyo would varry with the way the yoyo spins. For instance, if it’s a sleeper throw the for that direction of spin, the binding method woulde be to use a “trapeez” bind. For a breakaway, a “braintwister” like method (underbottom) woulde be used. Good luck!

Happy throwing!

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I suggest working on your grammar and spelling.

really? A guy comes in here to ask a question and you feel the need to be critical of his spelling and grammar? This is a yoyo forum, not an english class. Ok? Plus the fact that if you look under his name it says he is from mexico. So in sure he is trying the best he can to use proper english.

ON TOPIC: like jayyo said try using more string and pulling harder when you bind.

I would suggest that you consider that maybe english is not his first language… :wink:

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