Asia Pacific Yoyo Championships 2013


My coverage of AP last weekend.
Enjoy!  :slight_smile:


Sensational video. Thank goodness for people like you that film these events and make these awesome videos. That was fantastic inspiration, makes me want to late into this evening.

That little kid at 2:00 is going to be storming worlds in a few years…


I know I commented this on the video, but that was the best contest clip video I’ve ever seen.


Thanks guys soo much for liking my video!
The little Kid would probably stomp worlds if he goes this year.
He’s little Kazuya and he qualified 2nd in the preliminary rounds beating big guys like
Marcus, Peter pong, Iizuka…and just about everyone thats not seeded except Ahmad Karisma, which is pretty young himself.


There were some fantastic freestyles from the competition. your vid was really cool. I still want to know who’s bright idea it was to make the back drop white. it was so much harder to follow the string.


This. For me, a white backdrop completely kills the feeling of a yoyo contest. It’s also hard to see the string.


It all went like this…
In Singapore, there is an organisation called SG Street Festival
That holds mall events around summer every year to showcase interesting sports/hobbies
like breakdancing, magic, yoyoing…and other cool stuff.

However, not being yoyoers themselves they don’t know the importance of a black background and
they just chose a colour that suited them. The people however that organises the yoyo events are
Spinworkx, spinworkx themselves consists of many yoyoers, some of which being Duncan Crew SG themselves, however they don’t get the say in choice of colours as ultimately it is Street Festival thats giving us a good location and help to hold the event and it would be rude to ask too much from
them already being generous enough to hold AP

So yeah, it’s unfortunate that we get a bad backrgound and the freestyles look pretty bad on video, but if it wasnt for StreetFestival, AP might not even have happened altogether.