As the song go's 'It's been a while"

Hi, guys been MIA for a while. Am back in school two nights a week and still working full time. In the meanwhile, I have started a new site, not one that will compete with this or any other forum. For collectors and collecting. I was glad when a collector’s corner was added here, but it just did not take off. Since May 7th 2011 there has only been 17 subject post and I made 5 of them. So I made a site for the like minded. So stop in and say hi.

You sure like Bumble Bees…

Yes I do., and I still want more. I encourage any collector who would like to do a write up on any throws in his collection to contact me. We can never have enough info.

Let me know if you’re being cramped by too many BC Apollos. :wink: