More Classic Beauties!

So yeah, apparently my son found an old box of yoyo’s that weren’t stashed up in the attic. I’ll throw up a few more beauties here for everyone to see what OldSchool was! :slight_smile: Keep in mind, all the pics below are of yoyo’s back from '99 or earlier, and have never been modded, or really even played for that matter. I was just a collector with the need to buy every new yoyo I found.

First up is a Gem I totally forgot about. Calling all true collector's for this one! Never played, just sat in a box.

Next up is a reward yoyo I used to give out in my classes for student’s who mastered the advanced level of tricks. These are very rare, only certified trainers I believe got these to give out.

Now a small part of my collection of Turbo Bumble Bee’s. I have the loopers and butterfly’s. Some even have the original string on them as you can see in this picture. I have many more somewhere in a box lol.

Also some original Cherry Bomb’s from Team Losi, again, never played and original’s from 98-99.

Next…some Hyper Russells, great fixed axle loopers, and have some autographed by Fast Eddie himself whom I met back in '99. These were his signature yoyo’s.

Last few I found in the box were actaully kinda funny. I have some yoyo’s that made you think, “What in the world were they thinking when they built these”, but those were the kind I loved to find. Just cause I knew I would be one of the only people to have them lol. Like these thing pictured below. They were filled in the caps with Silicone, with the idea that as you threw them, the silicone would balance itself around the rims and even out your throw. One is Fixed Axle, and the other actually has a Ball Bearing inside. Pretty fun little yoyo’s.

Wow. I have actually played a Hyper Russel. They are actually fun to play with.

Hyper russel!

Those were my very first yoyo in 1998 when I first took up yoyoing!

Mine was the same blue and yellow one you have there.

Hey, how much would you let all the russels go for?

Let me know.


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That first roller woody… nice :slight_smile:

The Cherry bombs look really nice. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know what they are all worth anymore. If you see something you like, PM me an offer. Would prefer to sell, but trade offers are welcome.

As soon as I scrape Up some $$$ selling my Yomegas I will be all over those Cherry Bombs. ;D How much do U want for them?

Read above post.

I Beat Mage in Posts!!!

Unnecicary and It really doesnt matter about the numbr, Quality over Quanity.