Arussell, scammer mods look inside

about 2 weeks ago i offered him my 09 Severe for his Beat JO and something small. We agreed on a deal and both agreed to ship that wednesday. I shipped. it has been 2 weeks and i have gotten 1 PM asking if i got the yoyos… that was almost a week ago (Hasnt been online since) my package arrived to him last saturday (1 week ago) and i have not heard from him in a week. im almost 100& sure ive been scammed. can some help me out here? first time being scammed. also has anyone elese had trouble with him…

EDIT: It has now been a month and 1 week and he is ignoring all of my PMS!

need help

Very sorry to hear this. His account here has a request for deletion. I’ve sent him a message on another forum with a link to this thread asking for resolution. I’ll let you know if I hear back from him.

thank u but just a heads up if he comes back he cursed me out 7 times in 3 msgs…

I received this PM from Arussell on another forum.

@OP - Did he make this offer to you?

no i PM ed him about a week ago trying to be kind (he offered to send my severe back) and said he could either send my severe back or i saw a BVM in his old BST and if he rly liked the severe he could send me tht instead… after that he ignored all my PMs til i gave him negative feedback

I asked him again if he was going to correct this situation. He said he had contact with you on facebook. Is this correct?

um no… he refused to accept my friend request and never responded back to any of my messages

I just sent him another message giving him one day to contact you. Please let me know if he does.

he has contacted me… he is now calling me a scammer because according to him i got his package and i just want more… i havent got a thing.

I’m afraid that he’s now saying how do we know who is telling the truth. I’ll say that I believe your story as it’s very fishy that he made an account here, made a trade and then deleted the account.

This is why it’s always a good idea to get tracking on packages.

That’s really lame of him, I was his friend on the forum since he started yoyoing like 3 years ago, and now he just kills his reputation.

ik u used to b good friends with him to… we stopped tlking figured ya ill do a trade with him and there ya go…

If vegabomb is still reading this yoyomasterall and I are great friends and I hang out with him his severe was his pride and joy then he got this offer and was so excited he got that offer right after mn states then at MWR was pissed cuz he didn’t get his package and his severe wasn’t there either.

haha noah its basically over he hasnt been on FB in months but i did discover this

its a youtube channel thats active everyday and the username is his name

and hes benn commenting on yoyoers vids.

i must inform everyone this is a old post i know. He has offered to send my severe back after about 6 months… i will update on that but he also created an account today going by the name Aaron5a

Nevermind the kid is a loser scam artist… I realize he will never send it back. DONT TRADE WITH aaron5a OR ANY OTHER PEOPLE NAMED AARON RUSSELL

Is he banned?