Aren't H-shaped yoyos too uncomfortable to use in 5a??


I have a YYF Supernova which I used in 5a , but if comparing it to YYF catalyst and YYJ destiny, it is super uncomfortable! Anyone else don’t like using h-shaped in 5a?

I want to try the Space Cowboy but I only play in 5a! : /


I’ve been spending A LOT of time with my space cowboy for 5a. Nothing about it feels uncomfortable. My thumb fits very nicely into the H shape.


I love H-shapes for 5A myself. 2012 Genesis, Benchmark H, and Super G are all really good.

V-Shapes are also really good.

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uncomfortable shapes aren’t specific to 5a.

I personally don’t have any issues with H-Shape yoyos for any style.


I mean my supernova is very comfortable in 1a but just feel too strange in 5a, if you ever used a round-shaped yoyo in 5a i think you will understand.

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Interesting. I never feel a difference in comfortableness between 5a and 1a. I knew what you meant, I just don’t ever have that feeling. If anything, I would think H-Shapes would be more comfortable for 5a.

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The supernova and Space Cowboy were built for 5A and 1A. Should be fine.

I use a Flipside for 5A and that’s a soft H shape, but Stuart White at NH States used a Ring Master. Severe H Shape

Actually, More 5A throws are h shape, but if you don’t prefer it, try freehand AL. Got the style in the name and it’s real solid

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I used a Northstar for about a year and a half…


Tyler severance=Mainly 5a some 1a
SpaceCowboy=Tyler Signature
Tyler Signature=Tyler specifications
Tyler Specifications=5a and some 1a

If my numbers are correct, I think that the space cowboy would be great for 5a :slight_smile:


if its uncomfortable, don’t use it.
If it’s comfortable, use it.