5a Players: favorite yoyo shape? (please vote)

I was reading the highspeedyoyo review of the 2014 OD benchmark series and got inspired to make this.

As a newish 5a player, I have had my share of painful returns to the hand with bad catches. As a result, I’ve found myself wondering why anybody would use anything but a nice, comfortable Organic shape yoyo when playing 5a. But I realized that a lot of signature models of 5a players are very H shaped, like the cliff or genesis. I would guess that the popularity of the H shape for 5a would be for the extra stability and spin time, but man, it’s uncomfortable for me. I gave myself a bruise to the knuckles that lasted over a week just from using my genesis, I can’t imagine using something as extreme as a cliff or an X3 Aware. Anyways, leave your thoughts down below.

Only 3 votes so far…