Are you

Are you sponsored by a company, if not, who do you want to be sponsored by?

(note: even if you are sponsored, you can still say who you want to be sponsored by)

Its not good to ask to be sponsored because it almost guarantees that you will never be sponsored, unless your Jensen or Mickey ;), but if I was ever so good that I could be sponsored, I wouldn’t care who I was sponsored by because no matter what, that particular company found that I was well worth their time and money. Of course there are preferences, which for me would be,

One Drop
G Squared
Or pretty much anyone

Most of us are not sponsored, and I imagine it’s not something most of us think about all too often.

Never even imagine or think about being sponsored.

Debby downer, a boy can dream can’t he? Lol :wink:

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I thought the “I” at the beginning of that sentence was implied, but I can see how it’s easily interpreted as an imperative instead. :wink:

It should have read:

I never imagine…”

When I think about sponsorship, I think about the people I would be around. In that case, YYF, CLYW, or Duncan, since they seem like nice people. I am close to YYF so I have met some of the team.

Same. No desire or need.

As much as I would love the thought that a company out there thought I was good enough to sponsor, it’d be a lot more work and responsibility than I’d like. That said, if there was some sort of alternate dimension in which sponsorships came with absolutely no strings attached at all, I’d like to be sponsored by One Drop. Not necessarily because their throws are my favourite (though they do make some absolutely amazing stuff) but because they and most of the players they currently sponsor just seem like really chill standout guys.


One could be sponsored for something as silly as being the oldest thrower on YYE! I would like to nominate…on second thought lol.

I nominate jhb.

Ehhh…it could be cool, I like the people in YYF but I like OD.

Unknown Yoyo String Team
Modman10’s strings
Great guy that makes great strings.

While obviously I think it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever be sponsored, I think the most important thing to me in deciding whether or not to let a company sponsor me would be whether I legitimately enjoy using their product, and could see myself using them exclusively. So for me, G2, MFD, or Twisted Stringz, at least at the moment.

Does owning a company and sponsoring yourself count??

If anyone YYJ is my favorite. I just haven’t been able to spend $100+ for the ones I really want.

I don’t want to be sponsored but If I had to choose it would be CLYW.

If I were to get sponsored I would really enjoy representing
This is in no particular order