Are b-grade summits NQP or Fools gold?


Or both?


I have seen no summits under A grade. One drop has made it their job to have impressive tolerance.


Theoretically then.


In theory, NPG, Not Quite Gold


I would think its NQP. When I think of the Summit I think more of One Drop then CLYW despite the fact that it looks more like a CLYW. Maybe it’s because One Drop makes the Summits, or maybe its just me. I dont know. Shrugs


That and it has Side Effects.


So far there haven’t been any so we didn’t have to figure out what to call them :slight_smile:


This. This is why I love One Drop. Pure quality.


You’re annodiser is on point. It’s Evan from toxic right?


If it arises…

Pyrite or Not Quite Pyrite.