when talking about a clyw what does fools gold mean

is it a nock off or a b grade or what

B grade

Watch ill vibes by clyw on youtube

“Fool’s Gold” yoyos have slight vibe or errors in the Anodization.

to be fair it’s probably closer to A- than a B, or at the very least it’s a solid B+ :stuck_out_tongue: seriously, my FG Avalanche is very smooth and plays great, and no visual flaws, there’s just enough vibe so I know it’s spinning when I finger grind.

He’s right. A avalanche is around $120, and a fools gold avalanche is $60! And it still plays amazing! Its a beautiful beautiful thing… O0

You probably didn’t even try one! You told me that you can’t buy yoyos online, so how are we supposed to believe you?

Huh, here we go…
I go to a club where I can try any one I want!!! I actually tried the avalanche from a friend, but the fg from the club.

Prove it!

Just kidding. :wink:

Lol ok good XD. I even made a thread asking if anybody went to bird in hand that I dont know.
They dont let you try CLYW anymore cuz a beginner broke one while trying it :-\ so I dont now if ill ever get to try a chief :’(

where is there a bird in hand in connecticut near hartford

Bird in Hand is in Chico, CA. They don’t have stores anywhere else.

o now i feel stupid