Arctic Circle axle size?

what is the axle size of the arctic circle? they are cheaper at a hardware store than online :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you lose it or something?

Chances are it’s a standard sized 4mm set screw. Take the axle out of any other CLYW that you may have and match it up. Assuming you have another CLYW, that makes the solution easy. I think all CLYW’s use the same axle.

the axle is rusty, and i don’t want to render one of my other CLYW throws useless, so i will just buy a new axle

Take it to a hardware store and see what fits. Or take the current axle and see what it matches. Thread size should be easy to match. Length may be harder, requiring you to cut one down to size. If you need to cut one down be sure to smooth the cut end a bit.

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They’re only 3 bucks on the website. Really stretching that buck eh?

yah, with shipping they are 6 bucks :o

haha, i just assume grabing one at a hardware store, lol.

Sometimes there’s the satisfaction of being able to get something taken care of immediately.

Call up or email YYE ia that “Contact” link on every single page. If they have spare axles, they can take your money and toss it in an envelope with first class postage and get it to you cheap. 1 stamp should do it.