Does anyone know the dimensions of the long and short CLYW axles I’m trying to replace the axle on a spyy solaris: its axle’s dimensions are 8-32 Thread, and 1/2" long.

Does the Spyy not have one at all and you’re trying to figure out the length you need? Why are you asking about CLYW axles? I’m confused…

Let me clear things up, I need to replace my old axle, and I’d like to use a CLYW one if it’ll fit.

Why CLYW? It’s nothing special. Just curious.

The only other axles I can find are yoyofactory and yoyojam. Unfortunately yyf uses metric dimensions and spyy’s are english. I don’t know what yyj uses but they don’t fit. I found some replacement axles in bulk online but I’d rather just buy one or two from yye because it’s cheaper. Since yye sells clyw axles and clyw is Canadian, just like spyy, maybe they’ll have the same axle sizes.

You could just buy one at the link you noted:

Actually, cheapest solution would be to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and look in the set screw section. Fine one that fits and buy a couple of those. probably set you back $5 if that.

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He’d walk out with about ten for that! :smiley: