?? about Axle on "New" CLYW Avalanche

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I recently got a New Avalanche from a friend who bought it brand new from YYE. I asked if he had changed out anything and he assured me that it was stock as it came from YYE. Giving his experience and reputation here on the forum, i whole-heartedly believe him.
Simple enough but here’s the confusion.

I take it apart to find a short axle. (wha?)
Pull up YYE to check list of what CLYW uses what axle. Found that it lists the axle as a Long.

I take brand new CLYW Long axle to replace it, and it would not thread. at all. not even almost. I try another, same thing. not even a quarter twist before it locks up it a cross thread feeling. I do not force it cause im not an idiot. :wink:

I take my short axle out of my Puffin2 and find the same thing! it will not screw in.
Apon close examination I find that the axle’s threading is different all together (make sense) but i have no idea what size or threading (like is it 3mm? 2/56? i dunno!).

So my questions are as follows…
1a- Does the Avalanche use a special sized or different threading than other CLYW?
1b- If so what is it?

2-If not, than what happened? Im so confused but really curious.


From your observation, apparently so. You could take the axle to a hardware store and test the threads on various nuts to see what it fits.


Is there some reason that you don’t just contact CLYW directly?

Or PM Steve Brown and ask him to give a heads up to Chris about your mystery?

Your most accurate information will most logically come from the ‘Source’.

No doubt🤔

(InvaderDust) #4

Ill reach out to them tonight, just asked here first to make sure that I want missing something that may had been common knowledge to others. :slight_smile:


To my knowledge CLYW only uses two axles; the shorter M4 x 10mm and the longer 8-32 x 5/8. I believe the New Avalanche uses the longer axle.

The yo-yo could have been retapped, but as long as it’s playing fine and holding together with whatever axle is in there I would just leave it and enjoy the Avalanche.