Does yye have an axle that would fit my wooly marmot?

Wich axle would it be? ::slight_smile:

It will probably take about 3 wks to come in. THat’s how long it took for my Marmot to come in.

i know but yye doesnt it have any axle that would fit my wm?

Maybe then you best option is CLYW.

probably DG is right… get it from CLYW internet site

woot guys i just founded my old auldey yo yo and puted it axle in my wooly marmot and it works but i am litle scared with it do u guys think it a good idea? or no?

If it screws in easily and does not wobble too much in the whole, then it is probably the right size.

From here:,19914.0.html

One can see that at least at the time CLYW uses a #10 set screw. Don’t know what Auldy uses, but the #10 screw is a fairly common size.