Arch View String Contest

I am staring my company, Arch View Strings, and wanted to give some away to get reviewed so I have decided to have a contest. There will be 2 divisions, beginner and expert. The winners will each receive arch view string. So let me know if your are in. All videos must be in by July 14. That is 2 weeks. The judges will either be the people here on the forum or me and a freind if he is up to it.

The rules are it has to be no longer than 1 min and 30 seconds, editting and regens are ok.

All Entries will be stoped now and all links to the vid should be sent to me

-yoda guy5
-metal man (vid in)

-curl Yo

what are the rules?

editing? are regens counted as throws? Rules at all?


So is it a one throw contest or just a basic contest?

1 thorw or multipul it just cant be over 1 min and 30 secs

I’ll try to get in on the Beginner Section, I’m not sure if I’ll be ready, but I’ll give it a try.

id like to be in the begginer idk how well il do cause this will be my first video but ill give it a try

Put me in the beginner section because I once tried an advanced section contest once and those guys were whew!

I’ll do advanced.

ill do advanced. i will make a vid next week for fun, but maybe i can also make a 1 and a half min freestyle.

i want to try beginner since i am one

may i ask how many strings will be given to the begininers

how do we submit our vids after we make them

ill do advanced

ill do beginner
heres mine

Sign me up for advanced please.


how many strings will be the winner getting?

sorry for the late responses the winners will recieve 2 string 1 of each format

7 more days to get the vids in