1st Revyolution online contest!

Hello Everybody!
The Revyolution Yoyo Team would like to announce the first of our online contests. We hope to be doing this every year, and hopefully the prizes will get better and better. However Prizes will be discussed shortly, first of all, how will the comp work? Well heres the rules:

The compitition will be divided into two divisions: 1a, and loop style.
The compitition is a freestyle, so the first video sent in must incorporate music, and be a min of 1 minute long and a max of 2 minutes long.
Those who get into the semi-finals in their respective divisions must send in a video that must incorporates music, and be a min of 2 minutes long and a max of 3.
Those who get into the finals of their respective divisions must send in a video that incorporates music and is a min of 3 minutes long and 4 minutes max
All videos must be sent in to revyolutionteam@gmail.com

Well thats it, but you’re probably wondering, what wil i win? Well:1a first prize is Revyolution String type 1, Revyo counterweights, and an invitation to join the team. 1a second prize is Revyolution String type1, Revyo Counterweights.1a third place prize is Revyo Counterweights. Loop Style Prizes are the same. We hope to get many entrys, and updates will be found on this thread. Thank You and have Fun!

Are we allowed to string multiple takes and combine them into one video, or are we required to do a onetake? I hope that made sense haha

When are the videos due?

Can we do 5A

It says you can only do 2a and 1a. But if your good at 5a, then you should try 1a. I hope you like my advice!

Hello everyone,
Sorry for the delay, yes you can have multiple takes combined into one video, we wont be judge on an error basis, simply how well you connect your tricks and not repeat. Also, for this year we will only do 1a and Loop style, we hope to add more divisions in the following years though. Also the 1st round video dead line will be on 1/1/13. We hope to see your great entries coming in soon!

Hi we would like to announce an extension to the deadline, it will now be on 1/10/2013, this is because we haven’t received enough entries so spread the word!

Thank You,
Revyolution Team

I’m just starting working on my entry. I’ll be uploading it in the next couple days.

Here’s my submission. I hope you enjoy it!

Hey everybody,
We would like to announce a 1st round deadline extension because we still haven’t received enough entries for the contest to be fair. Please spread the word! This is not a sham, we really want this to be recognized as a legitimate contest. In fact after this years contest we will be opening a website specifically for this contest. We hope to see more entries come in! The new deadline will be:
So remember 1/25/13 please send your entries! what do you have to lose? Send your videos! Send them!
Revyolution Team

So I have until the 25th to send it in? I’m game if so.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wi9694gu1g there’s my entry

What does the winner get?