Video Contest Anyone??

Hey guys, Im organizing and managing a friendly video tournament for anyone who wants to participate. If you are interested, just leave a comment, and i will see how many people there are, and will build the rules from that. I would like to have a minimum or 10 people, and a maximum of around 20ish. Thanks, and let me know if your interested.

i am interested

Do you mean like a one throw battle? or a full length video with editing, multiple throws, etc.

ill do it but is it all 1a orr can we add other styles

Im waiting to see on how many people are interested, thanks for asking though i for got to mention it. If there are alot of people, then its going to be a one throw battle, but if only about 10-15 then a vid of at least 2 1/2 mins, with multiple throws.

1a is all i can do to, but i can do a little 2a and 5a, but yeah, 1a is what i was going for.

I’m in.

I’m interested in joining for fun.
As for the type of style i think you should widen the range of styles. cough 4a cough

cough maybe cough. ;D

ya man im interested

Sure. I’ve done like 7 video battles but have only committed to like 3 so I’m not in for sure, haha. So what’re the specific rules?

i’m in ;D