Video Battle Competetions

(Chase Baxter) #1

What if we did Video battle competetions? Different divisions, and each person that wins each division will face each other like Open Division.


1a: metal man vs. yoyomafia—WINNER: …

2a: Apetrunk vs. Icthus—WINNER: …

3a: Jayyo vs. 3aallday—WINNER: …

4a: Cbaxt98 vs. Ndragon798

5a: Englan1414 vs. 202andrew—WINNER: …

YoYo’s under 1.75 in diameter------WINNER: …

Artistic Performance-----WINNER: …


(winner of each division face each other)

BTW there would be more than 2 people in each class…i hope


PM me if you want to Join, once I get 4 people, each class will start.

PM me if you would like to judge, we need atleast 1 Judge, but 3 would be awesome

(202andrew) #2

Let me in.


I in Mon


BTW, in the finals does everybody do their own styles that they won with? or do they all do one style?

(BaileyT) #5

I’ll battle :slight_smile:

(Chase Baxter) #6

Superstar: if you go to finals, you can make a new video, or you can use the video you used to advance but you must do the same style.

And I forgot the other name who asked, I will probaly make a ladder and the classes will be like worlds when they’re all seperate, then winner of each class goes to finals, so there will be one of every style in finals.

And a question to you guys, should 1a with a 4a yoyo? Suggestions are appreciated guys! Thanks


I’ll join too. (1a)


I’ll join for 1a.

(Chase Baxter) #9

everyone that wants to join, PM me, every time i get 4 for each division we’ll start, so 1A will probaly be first


dang ima gonna lose lol


I’m definitely in for 5A. What are the rules?


silver man cant make vids

(Chase Baxter) #13

Just, make a video showcasing just 5A.

Yeah, I was just useing names for an example. Is it a problem, do I have to change it?

(Chase Baxter) #14

Alright guys, I have 3 people signed up for 1a, 2 people for 5a and 1 person for 4a! Come on, have your friends sign up so you can start! And make sure you PM what classes you would like to be in!

(Chase Baxter) #15

Alright Guys, we know have 4 people in 1a! Who’s ready to make videos? We still have many more slots open, we can get more for 1A too! And we still judges


How long do videos have to be? I can make one tonight.


I will join for 1a


PM him.


I did


OK, I just wanted to remind you. Anyways, entering for the 1A division.