Aquarius Rings


Hey guys,

So I maybe picking up an Aquarius in
the B/S/T for my B-day, if I get enough money.
An my question about the Aquarius is,
The Aquarius weight rings by alchemy, do they easily
pop out after missing a offstring trick?


No, they dont. They are sort of molded in, i guess you could say.

Hope this helped!


They can sometimes if not pressed in hard enough, but you shouldn’t any trouble if you put them in tight. Also, be sure to put them in nice and evenly, or the yoyo might wobble.

P.S. Try tapeing or glueing them into a Journey. Plays SO incredible!


Thanks Jump, and Yoyosnard.

Ok, while I’m at it, what about the FHZ thumb grind weight rings?
How do those work?


For the FreeHand Zero, um, I would say the same thing about it. the rings are either molded in or they are very tightly pushed and adjusted into the yoyo.

Hope this helped!


I mean, how do they play, and do they fall out easily…


Oh, they play great. They dont fall out easily( not that you should try lol).


Haha, I won’t try lol, thanks.


The YYG FHZ rings aren’t as good as the Throw Down rings though… I’d say the YYG rings aren’t really worth it, but if you can get your hands on some Throw Down rings, GET THEM! They’re Awesome!!!