Is there any difference between Aquarius here and one in YoYoNation?

Here is $22 and there is $40

Ooh and is Dark Magic an Off-string yo-yo because in YoYoNation is in 4A section?


oh there have no differents same Aquarius. :)The reason the Aquarius in Yoyonation is pricyer is because it’s a last chanse to get one cause after that it will be discontined. :-[And by the way no one says that you can’t do offstring with a metel rimed yoyo. ;)(I proboly see Andre offstring with his Dark Magic :D)Its fine for offstring ;D

(jared) #3

i think when u get beter at off string its easyer to whip with a bi metal


The dark magic was made to be a 1a yoyo I believe, but it can be used for 4a. Any yoyo can be used for 4a, but dark magics are really good.

And I’m pretty sure that what helioNXG said is right.

(Cinimod105) #5

But I suggest that you get a plastic for off string until you are sure that you cannnot miss whips and catches, in case the metal gets dinged.


yep, no one said you can’t offstring with a metel rimed yoyo, just keep in mind that you play it in a soft ground :smiley: or you will ruin the metel(ding) and the floor :slight_smile:

(Jamesofyoyo) #7

I heard there will be an aquaris number 2! I’d wait and buy that one instead! :wink:

(SR) #8

@ Helio- But if you are going to buy an Aquarius, you better hurry up and buy them; the last ones ever made are at the nation. They are being discontinued, and replaced with a new version.