Is there any difference between Aquarius here and one in YoYoNation?

Here is $22 and there is $40

Ooh and is Dark Magic an Off-string yo-yo because in YoYoNation is in 4A section?

oh there have no differents same Aquarius. :)The reason the Aquarius in Yoyonation is pricyer is because it’s a last chanse to get one cause after that it will be discontined. :-[And by the way no one says that you can’t do offstring with a metel rimed yoyo. ;)(I proboly see Andre offstring with his Dark Magic :D)Its fine for offstring ;D

i think when u get beter at off string its easyer to whip with a bi metal

The dark magic was made to be a 1a yoyo I believe, but it can be used for 4a. Any yoyo can be used for 4a, but dark magics are really good.

And I’m pretty sure that what helioNXG said is right.

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But I suggest that you get a plastic for off string until you are sure that you cannnot miss whips and catches, in case the metal gets dinged.

yep, no one said you can’t offstring with a metel rimed yoyo, just keep in mind that you play it in a soft ground :smiley: or you will ruin the metel(ding) and the floor :slight_smile:

I heard there will be an aquaris number 2! I’d wait and buy that one instead! :wink:

@ Helio- But if you are going to buy an Aquarius, you better hurry up and buy them; the last ones ever made are at the nation. They are being discontinued, and replaced with a new version.