I wish to apologize to those whom i may have offended or upset in the “yoyo video game” thread over the past few days. I’ve been working incredibly hard, and often came home tired. I’m afraid I lashed out at fellow forum members instead of keeping things to myself and being mad at my problems with school. I’ll try to avoid saying mean or hurtful things in the future.



I haven’t been following the thread but it’s very big of you to make a public apology. thumbs up



Thanks Sean. I too wish to express my regret as well if my rhetoric over reached the bounds the conversation merited.


Appreciate your candor.


This is quite noble of you.
Gets the E=MC Sarged award

rvb refrence


This is a super sign of maturity.


Surprised? You’re surprised at witnessing us behave in a “mature” manner? I better go back and review previous posts. I apparently have established a reputation of which I was not aware. :-\


No one has done this before. At least to my recollection. That’s why I’m surprised.


I’ve never done this, but I agree with both sides of a disagreement.



you know it’s okay i think some other people may have gotten out of hand too including me soo itsalright so don’t worry about it. ;D


agreed. Just the other day I did a mini flip out on yoyofactoryben, but I apologized (as you did) and it all worked out :smiley:
Most people wont take the time to apologize like that.
Well done.



Now, let’s all join hands and gather around the campfire…no, no yoyo creep, not that CLYW throw someone carelessly left lying over there…Abby, put down the marshmallows on a stick…now let’s all sing together…kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya…



But if I put down the marshmallows they’ll burn In the fire!!!


we can always go get more. did someone bring chocolate and graham crackers?


Nah…I brought tin foil and bananas thought! And some tweezers!


what 0_0


Sorry…caboose has been rubbing off on me…
I forgot the automatic dishwasher!


so I can’t sit around a clyw? Oh well. Marshmallows will do :smiley: