okay so yesterday in the chat i flipped out on yoyoandrew and i was out of line i ussally dont flip like that but it was like a one time thing. i apoligize to anyone i offended when i called him fat and i hope he can forgive me. so yes i did use some vulgar language and im sorry guys an di hope we can look past this and forget about it.

                     a sorrowing lunatic

ummm, i really don’t see why you couldn’t of just pm’d him…

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i promised andre i would make a public apoligy

You really could’ve called him to chat or something, this didn’t need to be on the General Yoyo Forum. Gonna haveta go with M Squared on this and say that this is a reason for the “how high can we go?” thread to be stickied.

oh, was andre in chat, or i’m asuming andrew told him… Well, can’t disagree with the big man, in some cases it is better to make a public apology though.

Oh, ok then. I thought you were trying to bring things up again. Never mind then. Can’t argue with Andre. :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

alright, I am sure he will see it.


Eh, let him do what he wants. We can’t control people on the forums, so lets just let the mods do their job.

Oh look! Dryoyo locked it! See? :slight_smile:

yo guys why do you care so much like i told andre i would make a public apoligy so i did why do care so much jeeez

ok, we understand what public apology is.
just be careful next time, and put this kind of thread in unrelated discussion will be better. :slight_smile: