Ape-x, Quake, Pride or Forte?

Man, so many cool new throws out right now! Looking to get one of the throws mentioned above. I know the specs vary drastically, but have you played any of them? Any that you would highly recommend? Preference wise, my two favorite throws right now are the C3 Krown and Anglam CC. Thanks!

I’ve played all if those :slight_smile:

Gotta be the Quake or Ape x.

The quake is much more nimble and faster. Ape x feels a lot heavier, plays slower, has a slight edge on stability.

The shape is so different on those that I would let that be your deciding factor.


I have not played an Ape-X, but the Forte and Quake are both very nice, yet very different throws. Jake already described them accurately, I enjoy them both but I love the Quake. It’s unique in how nimble and fresh it feels. The Quake fits in my hand better than my Forte as well…comparison threads are difficult because ultimately every throw you mentioned plays very well, I really love the Quake though. It’s difficult to beat.

Haven’t played the Ape-X or Forte as neither I have any interest in. I own a quake and a Pride. Both are great and while I like both, I honestly do pick up my Prides more frequently because the quake just lacks something for me, kinda feels bland to me. That’s just personal but both are similar in diameter and width so I would choose the Pride but for you choose what looks best.

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If i had to choose i’d get the Ape-X, but honestly a hard choice. Ape-X or Forte seem the most un-like your Krown and Anglam and other such yoyos, so they might be fun just for relaxing and throwing and for something different. Pride also looks great and has so many nice colorways. Too hard!

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Quake and pride seem more like your style but if you want something completely different and fun get a forte

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