New Throw


I am looking at the G Squared Quake, One Drop 54 and the Spyy Radian 2. I would also take recommendations from any of those companies. Money is not really an issue so long as it’s under 200
I enjoy floaty yoyos as well as mid sized throws. My play style is both slow and fast depending on the day. Horizontal doesn’t really matter since I’m not too good at it.

(velez_adrian) #2

I really don’t like the 54, get maybe a yelets instead or a summit. Also an aftershock might be better then a quake.


The quake are easier to find thought until a restock of the aftershock


54 is the floatiest yoyo out there, you’ll love it :wink:


I’d personally go for cascade over 54. I think it’s more floaty and love the bell shape much more. As for the quake it’s not a bad throw. Would personally pass on the radian. I owned one and even though it was one of the smoothest throws I ever owned there wasn’t anything unique about it. Just a really solid dead smooth throw.If I really wanted I spyy I’d probly consider the addiction.

I know you said from any of those companies but there’s so many others I’d like to toss out there:
Tenyoyo bebop
Werrd Minute
CLYW Gnarwhal 2 and puffin 2
Something Angle
Turning Point Leviathan 1-5, and paranoid
General Yo Amplitude
Deadly Spins Pride

I’d say most of these throws are more solid than floaty with the exceptions being the clyw and tenyoyo.