Quake vs Barracuda

Which one?

I like a slower, solid (without feeling like a rock) yoyo that can be pushed to faster speeds if needed. Horizontal isn’t too much of a necessity, but I do throw some horizontal sometimes. I usually perform slow tech tricks.

Which one for these preferences?


Quake is a fast yoyo.
Between those two it sounds like the cuda is more what you want.

A triton sounds perfect for you.

Yup already got a triton! I love it too.

It might come down to the color I can get. Are there going to be any more colors of the Quake?

Yep very soon. I’ll be posting them on FB and my Instagram when they come in. Should be later this week.

Oh awesome! In that case, I’ll probably go with the Quake! Any green colorways? Or blue?

Can’t leak that info. You will find out soon:)

Haha ok :smiley: