Recommendations for a nice high end?

My birthday is pretty soon and I’m going to buy a nice high end yoyo. My play style is fast and flowy with a lot of slacks, grinds, and fingerspins. I would like to learn more tech. I already have a Prism, Genesis, Raptor, Strix and Shutter. I prefer the Prism as it is fast and stable. The Genesis is too slow, the Strix, Shutter and Raptor too fast. However, I wish the Prism were a bit bigger. I have been looking at the Chief and Valor. Maybe the Hatchet. What do you suggest?

Sounds like you might like something from C3 Yoyo Design actually.
Perhaps the Mo-vitation would be something you’d be interested in as it sounds like it might fit your style.Having played many of the C3 yoyo’s, I found this one to be most enjoyable.

Sounds like the Triton would fit you pretty well

I second UsagiCat’s suggestion of the C3 Mo-vitation. If you really want to splash out on something pricey, the C3 Berserker and YYR Gleipnir (if you can find one) might not be a bad way to go either.


G2 Quake all the way man.

The quake is undersized and the OP was asking for something bigger

I do think G2 would fit his preferences but I think the triton sounds like a better choice

The finish and grooves allow for grinding. It’s also floaty and has somewhat of a middle speed that allows itself to be pushed fast if needed. It’s also got a nice comfy shape while still staying up to date. I do think the chief is awesome as well though but would pass on the valor.

Maybe the phenom its pretty fast but not to stable the clyw ac2 is incredibly stable and pretty fast I love it that’s a good choice


Ahem… Mid sized… Duh :stuck_out_tongue:

So Triton, Mo-tivation, or Chief? Which is the stablest? Which is the fastest? Can the Triton fingerspin? That engraving looks like its placed in the middle of where your finger would sit.

All three of them are plenty stable. The Mo-vitation would probably be the fastest of the three, with the other two playing at a slightly more chilled pace. The engravings on the Triton make finger spins nearly impossible because, as you spotted, the engraving pretty much covers the entire cup while the yoyo in spinning.


A lot of the tritons are not engraved if you look but I still don’t think the spike will make it easy to do fingerspins.

Mo-vitation is still the best of the 3 at fingerspins though

Just wondering but which genesis did you have? The 7075 genesis seems to meet all the requirements.

The superfly remix, irony jp or new doublejoker are worth checking out as well

Sounds like the Yomega Prodigy, but I second all of the throws said above. Its all preference though.

I recommend the p.wave, it is big, wide fast, aggressive and can fingerspin.

If your okay with slightly undersized the TP paranoid is awesome it what I have been using all for the past few weeks it’s awesome at fast and speedy. But it is expensive for a shiny penny.

You just perfectly described the Werrd Irony JP. It’s on the faster side, but not insanely fast, it’s nice and floaty, and it’s the best grinding yoyo I’ve ever played.

It’s also the best yoyo for fingerspins I’ve ever played beating out the Mo-vitation, which was designed for it.

How stable is it? How are the spin times?

It’s very stable and long spinning. Definitely Werrd’s flagship model, it SCREAMS competition, and it’s a really fun yoyo too.