Ape Hanger strings

I was looking at getting some Ape Hanger strings but the yoyoexpert shop doesn’t tell you how many strings you get for $6.50. Also there aren’t a lot of reviews on the string out there so I was wondering how they might compare to kitty blended strings. If this is in the wrong section I apologize, it just didn’t seem to fit in anywhere specific.

Thank you!

I’m pretty sure it is 10 strings like most packs. I can check when I get home if needed.

That’s alright Gundersniff. Have you used them and do you think they are worth the cost? It seems like $6.50 for 10 strings means it’s like 3x the cost of kitty strings.

Honestly, no I haven’t tried them out yet. I got them for free with one of my MFD throws, I still need to give them a go. I can test drive them when I get home if you’d like. But yeah, a lot of strings are more expensive than kitty, that’s one reason a lot use kitty I think. YYSL Ammo is nearly $7 for 10 and I feel those are pretty worthy, they’re a great string.

Thank you so much! I will continue to look around and see if I can find a good review and weigh the cost vs the benefits of having them. If you wanted to throw one for a while I would appreciate it so much!