Aoda Littles Questions

Hey! I got an AODA Litlles in a trade, and I really like it! But is there a way to make it unresponsive? I see the bearing is a size A, but can it take a C bearing? I would just try but I don’t want to break it haha. Thanks!

I dont have much experience with the throw or size A bearings, but they do make CTs in Size a

Ok I’ll keep that in mind.

Back when I still had my Littles I used Mighty Flea strings on it. You should also clean the bearing if you haven’t done so already. And since you make your own strings already, why not make some thinner ones yourself?

Yeah, flea strings are easy, just use three strands instead of 6!

Will do! But I think that they take regular string anyway. I’ll clean the bearing in the morning… Will I have to change the response/silicone it to make it unresponsive?

All the small bearing yo-yos I’ve played were unresponsive, they just snagged a ton. The small CT eliminates this completely.


A hal hour of trying and I finally got the first side- ve back in a half an hour to tell you guys I got the other side… UG!

Haha good luck man.

Only took about 15 minutes to get the other side- I’ll clean it tomorow.

Only the first few times. After you figure it out, it only takes a couple of seconds. I will say the tiny bearing on the little is harder than the standard C bearings. I have a dental pick that I keep around. It is great for picking out knots and deshielding bearings.

Alright I cleaned the bearing and it is very very near conpletely unresponsive- good enough for me! I think it spins a ton longer now too.