Aoda Fraxel

Anyone tried this throw before?
Is it any good?

Posted in the wrong section. Should be posted in Help/Recommendation section. It may be hard to find but is located under Yo-Yo reviews.

It’s ok.

Not the best quality ever.

Magicyoyo is the way to go.

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you live in antarcitca? isnt it cold? lol

I recommend Magic Yo-yos as well. Great metals for low prices. Hit up eBay to get one under $15.

I agree completely.

The bearings they come with are actually really nice.

There are a few reliable places I know of where you can get them for under 20 bucks, with free shipping.

The stacks on it will probably fall off, so don’t get it for the stacks.

Otherwise it’s as good as anything else. I haven’t played a huge range of Magic, but of the ones I have played, Aoda yoyos have been slightly smoother (I’ve had a ton of Aoda pass through my hands, they are awesome).

I had a Fraxel. It’s got some thunk at the bottom of the string but is a full on player on the string. I’ve owned a few Aodas and MYY. I’d say the quality is comparable but you’ll probably find MYY a few bucks cheaper.