Anywhere in MA near south boston to learn how to throw better?

I know about A to Z but it is too far away and I’m stuck on the beginning of the Advanced Part 1 tricks on the list I got with my NorthStar (Also got an Ooch Smoov). There’s a talent show coming up and I’ll only enter it if I can get a good one minute routine with some of those tricks down perfect before then.

You don’t need to go anywhere to learn better… Just practice and practice and when your done with that, practice some more.

I go to meets in NH. That’s probably too far though.

I’m in northern MA. Maybe if we are close enough there might be some hope :wink:

Well I’m in NY about an hour from MA so depending on where you are we might be able to meet up.

All those places are too far (more than an hour) I wish there were actual organized places to throw everywhere ohh well I will just practice at home more : D

I am ~45 minutes from the Boston area.

NER is April 3rd. A lot of people will be attending. I think it’s fairly close to Boston too.

Florence is a considerable distance from Boston :wink:

ECC is in June in Boston though

Yeah, I guess you have a point, my bad guys.