Anything interesting under $50?


I have a LOT of yoyos, most of them high end metals. I want to try out something for under $50 with a weird/cool shape or really just anything interesting. considering a yyf g-funk, but I’m not sure yet. Let me know what you think!


What about the yyf horizon?


YYO Kilter and Aura. I imagine the Lava and Musket are great as well.

Horizon if you like Fingerspins


Duncan Torque. Love it.


I’m buying the musket, g funk, and possibly kilter, but tbh kilter seems to be a rip-off of the yyf superstar…?


If your getting all that why not just get a high end? Quality over quantity.

And I wouldn’t say the Kilter is a rip off of the superstar. There’s only so many shapes and the goal of the Kilter was to make it as simple as possible to keep it really cheap but still a good performer, so they added some rim weight to it.


cheap stuff is what I usually make recommendations of to my friends, plus I already have quite a few high ends, and trying out different or weird shapes is fun for me. Plus I give away throws to my friends if they get interested enough.


Check out yoyofficer, Vosun, Yoyoempire, and Zeekio since they make pretty cheap yoyos

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Fixed axle wood maybe?


thanks, I’ll look into those today ;D