Anyone wear womens boots here?


Anyone wear womens boots here like these?  ???


Why would you post something like this here? I know it’s unrelated but really?


Ummm, that’s kinda weird.


Uhh, no.




Oh come on guys, have a little fun with this ;D ;D ;D

um… as long as they arent heels, Ill try em…

come to think of it, I do have some uggs in my basement… but they arent girly or anything… they re for snow…


Is this like an emo thing or something? Womens boots and skinny jeans? Sorry I grew up in a time where skinny jeans were for women and cowboys and guys wear clothing made for guys.


Im not emo… I just thought it was like a joke or something… jokes are fun… cutting yourself isnt




Jokes. Just a random question cause ive heard of it ;D


Maybe I do. ::slight_smile:


Well I did have a pair of womans combat boots for Airsoft. (Only difference is the ‘M’ inside the boot was upsided-down)

Can’t be too picky when shopping at Goodwill.

(JonasK) #13

The closest I’ve been is organ-shoes… But that’s because playing an organ without them is just dumb.

EDIT: I have chosen to exclude the views of people playing organs without their feet.


Some of the women here probably have. ::slight_smile:


I have a pair of boots like that, but brown. Do I wear them often? No.
The only reason I have them is for a jedi costume. I’m a bit of a star wars fan (have my own home made jedi outfit, robe and everything)

(M.DeV1) #16

I wear these


They’re men boots. :smiley:


Uggs are awesome and they’re really comfortable


uggs actually originated as men’s boots for surfers, so they could keep their feet warm and dry between sessions. So I don’t think those really count.


They are mens