Favorite footwear

Cowboy boots!
I am very eclectic actually when it comes to shoes. I don’t have many but some in my collection include pink Chuck Taylor high tops. Mossy Oak hiking boots. Minnetonka moccasins, and Walmart women’s pink and black sneakers. All kinds of mixed up like I said.
What are your favorites?
Pictures to follow. Pictures appreciated.


Any thing New Balance. Have wide feet!


If I’m not wearing my Skechers casual shoes I am wearing these Dr. Scholl’s. I always wear them at work where I am constantly on my feet. They are super comfortable and a pair lasts me a year. They’d last longer but I beat up the sides badly.

I usually go for D or E width shoes.

For about the last year, almost all I’ve been wearing are minimalist shoes. I love the flexibility and comfort of them, it’s almost like wearing socks! Xero is my go to brand.

When I had to wear steel toes every day I liked Red Wing but they’re not cheap (cost is justified though imo). Timberland Pro series are also nice and hold up well but they’re pretty heavy.

Cycling shoes I like Lake and for running I’ve been enjoying the Nike Pegasus.

I used to love ipath for casual/skate shoes before they went out of business :frowning:

My feet are also a bit wide but above are the few brands I can feel comfortable buying just about anything from.


I hated having to wear steel toes! It felt like I was carrying around bricks on my feet.

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Converse. :slight_smile:

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Cream Ultra Boost is my go-to. Any other sneakerheads?


Ultra Boost is comfy! I have black with green/teal/whatever-it-is color.

I have always worn Vans, but i’d
be open to changing my mind.
I especially like their maroon flat sole sneakers.

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If you like that flatfoot comfort, wear jordan 1’s with loose laces. Any other models will have more arch support and wont have the same feel vans do, the highs are just extra comfy when you rock em slipper mode. Airforce ones/anything from Nike SB will also fit well with vans connoisseurs, got rigid construction too.

Ultraboost is very comfortable/breathable/warm in the winter even, and my feet never hurt in em, but if you dont wanna shell out the bucks/cant find a pair on sale/something with not a knit cloth top get adidas’s alphabounce. If you want that same OG style like vans try stan smiths/any other of their tennis shoes. Adidas offers a decent student discount (like 30%?) for SPC cards, idk if thats a thing in america but worth looking into.

asics gel lyte 3’s also got renowned comfiness.

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everyday w these since I’ve got them. Most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn.

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My last count I had around 40 pairs (shoes, boots, sandals). Nike and adidas outlet shops are a problem.
Main faves are
Sandals: Birkenstock Arizona EVAs
everyday shoes: adidas Asweego
running shoes: Brooks Ghost and adidas Ultraboost
Boots: Danner 600 or Vasque
Office: Clarks Bushacre Chukka

Have been wearing VEJA brand sneakers for about 10 years.

I get a new pair about every year and wear them almost every day. It has become the only brand of Sneakers I buy.
I love their look I love even more their business model which is one of the best in Sneaker’s industry.

For those who have never heard of them:

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I prefer the New Balance 5E width.

I like to put both feet in one shoe and just hop around like a pogo stick.

And obviously one pair lasts twice as long.

Being slightly more intelligent than the average dunce, I also prefer to buy the New Balance model that is made right here in the USA.

You see, most NB shoe models are no longer made in the United States. They are made out of the Country by foreigners.

But the USA models are made right here in the good ole U S of A…by, uh, foreigners🤔

Actually I have narrow feet. But I wear wide socks. So I usually buy the New Balance 990v4(seriously).

My, how times have changed. Today I am going to buy another pair of NB 990’s. I also buy the insole upgrade that matches my foot best. The combination with tax will be around $275.

When I was 16, I bought a 55 Chevy for $250.

Those were the good ole days…:wink:


I have a pair of custom Vans. Wildest looking shoes in the county. :slight_smile:

Crocs and socks :sunglasses:



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Photo, please.

95% of the time I leave my house im in crocs, socks for the winter.