Anyone try the Sochi co stuff?

Thanks man I appreciate it!

Any notes on the strings they offer?

What do you like about the bearings vs others you’ve used?

Sochi String is the best bulk string I have tried. Ever. If you compare it to kitty, It’s just better.
If you have questions, I’ll answer them. @jintae , @remybaskin are sponsored by them so they will have more info than I do.

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They just generally have been smoother/more consistent compared to what I usually had used prior



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Sochi is gud bulk string

I want to try their bearing and pad soon


I’m gonna get the sample pack and see what all this hype is about. I’m also kinda tired of buying so many different strings from so many different companies, so I hope these strings are at least somewhat decent.

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My new favorite string. Similar to Vines, my previous favorite, but I like the feel a little better.

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That’s great to hear! I love Vines.

I’ve been using Sochi strings for a few days now and I can say with confidence it’s my favorite bulk poly.

Really consistent/controlled slacks and whips; exactly what I was hoping for.

Great customer service also. I ordered 100 bulk strings and got the wrong color, and they sent me 100 of the proper color for free! I even got to keep the 100 of the incorrect color.