Anyone tried zype string?

Anyone tried zype string?

Zammy gave me one at a contest a while ago. It’s pretty good- great for slacks and whip-style tricks, in my opinion.

Is it fast? Is it soft or stiff?

It’s not as fast for whips as something like alchemy string, but I wouldn’t call it “slow”. Then again, I’ve never really thought about string as having speed. If I remember correctly, it’s a bit more on the stiff side, but that’s partially because it takes a while to break in, like most other strings by Toxic. It reminded me a little bit of the stuff that Twisted Strings makes, but less stiff.

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Do the have any string burn or are they slick?

Well, any string could give you string burn, depending on how you use it. It’s kind of slick, I guess.

Good I think I’m gonna get some.

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Zype string is a really unique string in the line of strings for Toxic.

Its design was meant for a solid balanced approach to the two styles I play the most, 1A and Moebius.

So when you first get it, its going to feel stiff and smooth all at the same time. After awhile it will start to get smoother. When it gets to a few weeks of play the string will start to get tighter wound but will still remain its smoothness.

The string was designed to a) not be responsive like how other Toxic strings seem to be at times. B) controlled speed so that I can do my no-handed tricks C) smooth on string so I can open the slipknot. D) be able to do flytraps better E) look awesome due to the bape colors. F) thinner than most Toxic. G) have to have a certain glide effect on the string to fingers.

So there you have it. A lot more complex than people realize.

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thanks Zammy now i KNOW im going to get some of this string. i appreciate that you told me all about this string. ha, i might even get 2 packs of this string.
thanks, thomas.

It lasts a few weeks? Ok, I’m definitely getting some.

From what I remember I used one ZYPE string for about 4 weeks total. It doesn’t last as long as other toxic strings like DRAGON. Again…it really depends on the person who is throwing too.


Okay, so before I say anything I’ll go ahead and say that Toxic is my favorite type of string. Specifically BG1’s and Snakes. The only bad thing about it for Toxic is that I’ve only had to buy 2 10 packs of string because they last so long.

Here’s the questions I was wondering if you could answer Zammy. I point them toward you because it’s your string so you will probably be more familiar with them than anybody since they are so new. For you to be able to answer the questions though you will have had to have used BG1’s and Snakes. Anyways, question 1… I noticed in the promo video for Zypes that after you adjust the tension there is still 1 twist in the string. I’ve noticed that the BG1’s and Snakes have a very small give to the tension. The “sweet spot” for the optimal amount of tension goes away after about 3 or 4 twists to the string. I’m not saying that’s bad, because I don’t mind sacrificing some tension control for the added amount of whip that those 2 string types give me. Are Zypes similar in Tension control ability to the 2 aforementioned strings? Question 2… Again, this isn’t a big negative to me, but most Toxic Strings require you to either double wrap the loop around your finger or twist the loop quite a bit before tightening it in order to keep the string and yoyo from flying off of your finger. Once the string gets broken in a bit this goes away somewhat, but do you need to do this with Zypes also? If you have the time to answer this then great. If not, that’s okay also.

Soon as I win this bape Cascade on Ebay Ill be buying some zype :slight_smile:

The string around the throw finger ordeal might be why I don’t like toxic and should try breaking one in to see if like them after the stiffness goes away a little.

Gonna double wrap my throw finger tomo and give them another chance lol

Double wrapping works great, but you risk making a knot that can’t be untied. I always twist the loop a lot before I put it on my finger. It’s tricky to do at first, but you get use to it. Toxic Strings are the best string I have ever used when it comes to whips and slacks. Whips are good no matter what, but you have to keep your eye on the tension constantly for slacks. It’s definitely worth it though in my opinion.

Wanted to answer some questions quick, sorry for the lateness but trying to answer on a smartphone can be a pain.

  1. The tension control is similar of a combined BG1 and Snakes. I have played and owned both types of strings.

The ZYPE string originally was a offshot from Mack Finely’s “Great Whites”. Evan approached him at Nats last year of where he had two prototypes. Mack really liked #2 where as I really liked #1 and approached Evan on the idea of Moebius string. If I remember correctly Mack based his string on the BG1s and Metz which is similar to how I based the ZYPE as well.

After six different prototypes where we did a number system of 50 metz/50 bg1 to 60 metz/40 bg1 we kept doing different combos until we agreed on 70/30. However it didn’t completely complete what I wanted so Evan did research and added the mysterious white thread in order to counter act some of the things the green/blue threads do in order to achieve what I like for a sig string.

So tension wise, it tends to be more closer to be balanced between the two. Evan specifically said this string is literally his best “Slack based” string. :slight_smile:

  1. I have no idea how you guys are having Toxic Strings slip off your fingers. I have never had this happen for any of the strings I have tried from Toxic. The ZYPE string has a weird approach in where it feels mildly stiff but a certain soft feel to it. As it breaks down it does feel softer until some point where the string kind of “compacts” together and gets a bit thinner. There was only so much Evan could do to hit what I liked so he tried his absolute best in what I wanted.

There yall go. I hope you guys try it!

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