Toxic Zype Review!

When Zammy announced he was releasing a signature string, I knew I had to get it! And I sure love it!

This string has characteristics that different strings have- its thin, soft, lasts long and whips great! So you now have a string that won’t hurt your fingers, isn’t snaggy, will last for a while and can handle all the whips you want it to. Plus, it comes in an awesome color! The current Zype I’ve been playing with lasted about 1.5 weeks, about 11 hours. That’s one of the longest lasting string I’ve played. And I’ve tried Toxic Dragons (about the same longitivtiy), YYSL Type X (Slightly less longitivtiy) and Chaos 422 (Slightly less longitivtiy). It also holds its tension fairly well.

I did have one problem with the first string. It was SUPER slippy. But after talking to Zammy, I tried another string, which was fine. The first one was probably too thin, no problem, the rest are fine.

I think Toxic and Zammy teamed up to create a monstrous string. This is one of the best string I’ve played. Sure if you want a thick, soft string, you want YYSL Ammo. Or if you want a rough whippy string, you want Toxic Dragons. But if you want a great all around string, go for Zype, you won’t be disappointed!

Please tell me what you think of this review, and what I could do better!

Is it as soft as type X?

Yeah, around there. It’s not rough for sure.