Get hyped for ZYPE! Zammy signature string release Contest!

Have you been one of the lucky few that has tried the new ZYPE STRING by Toxic Strings?

If you have you are definitely lucky as Samples were given out at PNWR, MN States, MWR and OH States.

But what about those that have not! Well here is your chance to get ZYPE before the inial online release on major yoyo store websites!

Take a photo of your “Most hyped face” and you could win two free packs of ZYPE string!
Enter by Sunday Aug. 4th on the Toxic Strings fanpage on facebook!

The first release will be for sale at Worlds 2013!

So lets see them crazy hypey faces!



Yikes! It’s ZYPE!!! ;D


Awesome. I’ll reserve my post ahead of time.

Where do we submit the picture? :slight_smile:

Don’t tell me what to do.


Tomorrow’s the big 19, eh? You’re finally going to be a big boy! :smiley:

Oh yeah, 1K posts!


I spot 3 Packs of Zype and a Yeti in my future. Could you tell us how it plays Zammy?

That post made me smile.

Here’s my entry for the contest. Haha this is gonna be funny. :slight_smile:

^^^^ lol haha
Here’s mine: ö

where were we supposed to get the samples at OH?

What if we don’t have Facebook?

Normally you’d be SOL. But, usually the yoyo community is more lenient than other walks of life so they may make an exception for you.

Zammy, do you use this string for every type of yoyo style or just moebius?

I had very few samplea left when I went to Ohio States. Like six strings or less aha. Sorry man.

At first when we were prototyping this string it was going to specificically be for Moebius but over time it evolved into a string balanced between my 1a style and moebius respecfully.

So in my opinion its deffiniately meant for 1a.

Zype is supposed to blend multiple ideas together to create one hybrid like string. It starts out sort of stiff like dragon while having smooth properties like the Metz string. It gets smoother as it starts to breakdown but after awhile it starts gwrting stiff. It has a life span about 4 weeks? It was the very best Evan could be mix all the ideas I wanted in a string. Its made of two different threads. The green and blue is one and there is white inside of it too.


The contest has been extended to SEPTEMBER 1ST 2013!!!

Bumping this so people can still know about the contest!

We haven’t been recieving a lot of contestants.

The contest ends August 31st! We bumped it ahead due to Worlds going on.


I really wanted some Zype, but I didn’t know if it would be good for my style of play, or if it would look good with my new supernova and on the free Severe.

Only one way to find out buddy :wink: for 7.50, its a pretty good deal. About the same price as the other Sig toxic strings. Also I’ve tried Zype on Supernovas and Severes and it works great!

Bump! There may be one other prize added to this to coax you guys to doing this!

Here’s my most hyped face for Zype!

I truly love trying different types of string. This is a simple contest, everyone should enter! Take a picture of yourself for a $15 value of strings!