anyone tried this new yoyo??

has anyone tried this  yoyo

no,but i wanna buy it! ;D

It doesn’t really strike my fancy, but here is a vid for others:

Too rich for my blood!

any specs on this thing

This has already been discussed quite extensively here:

Don’t let this one deteriorate please.

yes but that topic isnt really talking about the yoyo its complaining about chinese yoyos

im just trying to see what people think of it and the specs but im sorry i didint see that topic

Don’t get it
Based on the video, it has TERRIBLE wobble.

hmm u dont know it could have been a shine on it that made it look like that


hmm i suppose but ima wait till someone who has it will tell me

“shine” can’t make a yoyo wobble as bad as that. But if you want to get it, go for it, just don’t get mad if it turns out it does have major wobble.

Funny, yesterday I saw that on eBay, thought it was funny when they said what it wasn’t.

Back to the topic has anyone tried this yoyo, I wanna know too

its got ton of vibe and how will shine make it vibe? only shine can only see clearly of the vibe.

the guy who sells them told me that the wobble isnt real its because of his crummy flip camera and the shine and like 4 other people said there was no wobble

he also said he was gonna remove that part of the vid but he just kept it there so thers still hope for this yoyo it might not a complete waste…

and the specs are
diameter - 56
width - 52
weight - 64 grams

i wouldn’t risk it. get like somehting else

It’s really not that bad. Even if somebody does get it, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. It’s always good to try new things. And since when have you tried this yoyo? You can’t say anything about it until you’ve tried it.

It only 28 so you can’t expct it too be that great. I can’t say i’d get it but it looks interesting.

dude what’s the matter with you? beg to differ 2 things
I got the info based on the website and video.
and since when did i say it’s bad? i just said wouldn’t risk it.
of course you’d have the yoyo to give advice like how floaty it is but for specs and vibe, you can tell there MAY be vibe according to the video and the specs and other “info” are found on website.