Anyone tried these?

YoyoFriends ElfinYo
Vosun Zebra
C3 Krown
C3 Remaster Galaxy
Ezspin SS
Auldey Anthelion
Topyo Impulse 2
YYF Alta
Duncan RoadRunner
Duncan Counter Punch

If so, what do you think of them? Thanks

I have tried many of these and I can confirm they are all yo-yos that “spin gud”


Wow, I have never felt so unqualified to answer a question. I haven’t tried a single one :joy:


same here!

Well; you two guys are complete losers anyways.

So your probably poor opinions wouldn’t count anyways.

Me; personally? Well; I haven’t even tried most of the yoyos on that list.

But I don’t remember not liking any of the ones I didn’t try?

And the ones I did try; I didn’t really not, not like them that much that I recall?

But I may be mistaken? Dunno?


The Alta Feels a bit like a cheap Valkyrie. (I liked it.)
the RoadRunner is actually quit nice and has ridges like the Terrarian but only on the catch zone, not sure how that affects play though, it’s spikes are also pretty good for Matador as well. (I really liked the Roadrunner when I tried it.)

Glad I’m not the only one! :sweat_smile:

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That’s a long list of very different yo-yos. Maybe tell us what you’re looking for (size/shape/weight/play style etc.) and we can help you narrow it down.


I enjoy the impulse alot