Supernova 2013, Diamondback, and a few others

So guys, wanting to get some research and opinion on these few yoyos and how they feel like, play, and compare to others yoyos in your collection.

  1. Supernova 2013
  2. YYJ Diamondback
  3. Duncan Barracuda
  4. YYF H.O.T
  5. C3 P.Wave

1: Don’t care for the *-Nova yoyos, period. Personal preferences. I’ve played quite a few and I just didn’t care for them. I can’t say anything negative. When it came down to it, it hits all the good marks that are important.
2: Diamondback I didn’t play much but I know I am getting one soon. They can range from super smooth to “touch of vibe” but nothing that will effect playability. Good yoyos to experiment with bearings on.
3; Barracuda: Yeah, I can see why this was the weapon of choice for the current 2013 Worlds 1A Champion. While not a shape I normally go for, this general shape has been on the rising trend. It’s what you want it to be, including extremely comfortable in the hand and really great for horizontal. Speed is irrelevant as it will move from fast to slow.
4: YYF H.O.T.: Unfortunately for me, it’s another I was interested in and it just didn’t fit well for me. I’m only let down because I was really wanting to get one. Another well made YYF yoyo that just didn’t align well for me.
5: P.Wave: I should be able to try one soon. C3 is a brand I’ve come to expect great things from. As most of their yoyos are V-shape, V-shapes work very well for me.

supernova 2013 is great i have a red/silver one and it grinds so good and is killer for horizontal

p. wave is one im really interested in too…

id say barracuda, most well rounded to me