ANYONE tell me about this yo-yo?

I’ve searched for numerous hours looking for anything on this yo-yo and i cant even find a picture of a similar or like yo-yo. If anyone could tell me what its worth or any information on it would be greatly appreciated. It reads,

Genuine Electric Lighted Duncan Yo-Yo Tops

well it looks like the duncan imperial. i guess that is a start

Well does it light up?

I think it should be noted the only old yoyos that truly have shown to be worth more than $10 or $15 are the older tom kuhn no jives, anything duncan that was mass produced won’t have any large value.

That’s just what I’ve seen whenever an older duncan pops up, could be worth a hefty sum to the right people, only the collectors would truly know.

You have the worlds first light up yoyo.

Very cool piece. Made in the 1950s.

Lots of collectors value innovation and this yoyo shows it.

The Ebay value is often low because not many sellers know what they have but it would fetch 40-50 easily if described correctly.

Just did some research. I found out it’s name is the “Big G”, hence the large G on the side.

Also, the Big G was first made of wood, then they made the light up version

Sorry, he got the name correct already.

Thats actually really cool.

Congratulations on finding a piece of yoyo history. I’m a little jealous.

Just wanted to say thanks to all who have replied… it does in fact light up and works.