Value of a 25-30 year old Duncan yoyo?


I recently got back into yoyoing with my son. I decided to pull my old kid yoyos out of storage. One of them is a Duncan Wheels Long Spin, black with silver trim. I had it back when I was in middle school. I have some questions:

  1. This yoyo is in fair/good shape, and still yos! Still has original string (I don’t know if that makes any difference in its value). I know the model is low-end, but I’m curious how much it is worth, given its age and condition?
  2. Is there a way I might be able to tell exactly how old it is? I don’t see any date stamps, but often there are other indicators/small updates. I was in elem/middle school when I got it, back in the mid/late 80s.
  3. Can this yoyo be converted to ball bearing? I think it would be neat to play it again, but with some upgrade.


They aren’t worth much. Maybe like $5.

They can be modded. Bearing + silicone response. PM yoyospirit.


Most of the Duncan value lies with

-super early wooden yoyos
-the original freehand
-collector butterflies?

I can’t really think of much else.

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The wheels was around a few years ago. It’s not really that old, sadly.


Just rock it. The Wheel is an awesome fixed axle yo-yo.


Agreed. I have one with a shaved axle that I got from Houdini (RIP), and it’s fun to throw when I need a fixed-axle fix.