Anyone know what YYF yoyos come with the plastic collection box?

So I got 2 YYF yoyos so far (Edge Beyond and Edge Infinity) and they both came with this plastic collection box.

I am a big fan as I can store 2 yoyos very snugly in those boxes at a time. I have 4 yoyos so far and I have 2 of those boxes so I can store my yoyos lined up perfectly.

Anyone know what YYF yoyos come with those boxes? Do only the high end YYF come with them? If I remember correctly, even some entry level yoyos like the Shutter came with it, while some other shutters also came in cardboard boxes depending on their colourway.

I got a neo genesis and I’m curious whether it will come with the plastic box. I would really love to have it with the box since it’s such a great way to store my yoyos.


My Too Hot came with one, I think that’s the only one I have though.
I would email YYF, I feel like Ben would sell you a few empty ones so you could clip them together like intended.