LF: YYF Polyedge Mint w/Box

Hoping to find one of these for my kid.


i have a mint poly. No box. Has to much vibe for my taste but it’s a really cool looking traslucent display. If you don’t mind d some vibe plays amazing. Very nice throw for a kid.
$100 shipped if you want.


Thanks! It’s a Christmas present, so looking for one with a box. I may come back to you if I can’t find one like that. Thanks again!

  • Jesse

Well unless it had a special box most YoYoFactory yo-yos come in pretty standard box. I mean my loop 720s, SS pivots and shutters all came in the same box style. Only a few have been in a distinctive box but I don’t own a poly edge to know for sure.

I think they came in the cool plastic packaging displays


Ah well maybe you could find a box with someone else labeled edge lol.

I’d bet if you contacted YYF they would sell you a box.

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