Anyone know what this is?



It appears to be a Macbook by Apple.


a sweet looking yoyo that will hopefully be released soon


Nope. This yoyo was released a while ago. It’s just been modded.


Hmm…I would say a large bearing Cherry Bomb modded by IKYO :wink:


haha nope. It’s metal



(jared) #8

im going to guess a stained project that got annod then someone satined the rims like that… how does it play?

(JonasK) #9

That better be an M1. I have halves in both of those colours, and if I am wrong, I demand a PM containing information on this yoyo.

(yoyo jake) #10


(Justin the JeeJaw) #11



it has to be roll out r2009 or r2010 with rim satined


i dont think so.
roll out has unique response system, non like this.

can you give a pic of the hub and response area icthus?


M1. I am 100% positive.


beysick or gorilla


Ok yes it’s an M1.

(Q) #17

More great work from Icthus, ask him if it’s on the selling block, 'cause I know I’d sure buy it. lol


It looks like it might be gorgeous?..

I can’t tell for certain but it definitely looks like it might be gorgeous ;D


AHHHHHHH! I just qouted a big picture, oh noez!!!
Um, it’s a very painful looking yoyo?


Are you trading/selling it? I got a best friend that would love it. ;D