Does any one know what this is?

I just bought this on the bst as a mystery yoyo, does any one know what it is?

According to the seller the specs are:
Brand - Unknown
Weight - 52g
Diameter - 50mm
Width - 39mm
Gap: 4.6mm
Profile: Butterfly
Response - YoyoFactory CBC SLIM Pad
Bearing - CBC Center-trac Bearing

It looks very general yo but that 52g weight looks wierd…

I think that might have been a typo. It definitely looks like a general yo of sorts.

Yes to me it looks like a General - Yo Essence? You should contact Ernie about it! God Bless - Moefv

Ripped off bro. That’s an Aoda Free King, only goes for around 13$. I saw that same yoyo on the BST. I would call off the deal.

Definitely not an Essence. The specs and the pics don’t match any General Yo’s for that matter. I looked up the Aoda Free King, as yoyospirit said it was, and that is for sure it. Weird finish though, may be a proto.

Probably just stripped raw.

Ehh not what I was hoping for but I will stand by my deal, I’m only out $25 and who knows it might play great.


yup. the free king is the troll of the yoyo world