Anyone know how to do this video editing effect?

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I want to use this type if effect on one of my next yoyo videos and would love to know if anyone knows how to do this and could let me know. I can use either Vegas Pro or Imovie, so if this effect is possible on either that would be great. The effect I’m looking for is the black and white video but the yoyo is still colored.

any help is appreciated :slight_smile:



its just black and white i believe. possibly with the brightness turned up a little bit. you could find a tutorial real quick on youtube for both of those hope i was helpful :slight_smile:

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do you know what this effect is called?

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You filter out all of the color except for the color of the yoyo.

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Well here’s what i know now!

Its called the Pleasantville effect…and I have no idea how it would be done on Imovie or Vegas Pro. Anyone know? Anyone find any videos on how to do it or anything like that?

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Everything I see is it being done on Final Cut Pro…which i don’t have access too.

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Also, you may need to soften the effect, because the “Pleasantville/Sin City” Effect is meant to give a really really harsh Black on White feel.

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Thanks a ton Q

That was very helpful!


Q is actually being helpful? No sarcasm or passive aggression. Huh.

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