Wonder Years!

New Video…Nothing special or anything but I have always wanted to do this editing technique and decided to do it now.

Hope you guys enjoy! Subscribe, comment, replay, or do whatever your heart desires :slight_smile:

Great video! I especially liked the rejection-to-whip maneuver, gotta learn that.

You are sooooo good. Really good video.
Will you be at NER?

Unfortunately I won’t be. That’s just a little too far

Dang. I wanted to meet you.

we need to get something going closer to us


Sweet video Joey, love your stuff so much.

What editing programs did you use, and is there a name for this “technique”?

I used Sony Vegas pro and it’s called the sin city effect and also called the pleasantvile effect. Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile:

I like your music choice just as much as your videos

Really great job. The tricks, the video technique, the song choice… just came together as a properly entertaining yoyo video.

Now I suddenly want to bring back the word “proper” to replace the waning “sick” as a compliment. So you did that, too.


Your skills are so sick Imma have to wear a face mask next time I watch this.

This is so sick I’m going to be bedridden all day. Watching your video.

cough cough I’m hope I’ve contracted a similar strand of whatever it is that’s affecting you.

They don’t make vaccines once you get to his level.

Thanks for all the good comments :slight_smile: the music is some of my favorite. The artist is Jon Bellion and he is one of my favorite music artists right now. Check his stuff out!

Sweet video! and JON BELLION!! have also been really into him lately. translations pretty much goes with me everywhere.

Again awesome vid!!

anyone else? :slight_smile: